For creativity worldwide
Expertise and experience in intellectual property rights

Making music matter

Just like STIM serves composers and music users in Sweden, COTT does in Trinidad and Tobago. Similar organizations exist in 121 countries.

Building respect for intellectual property

Intellectual property rights are essential for creation of knowledge. Licensing universities guarantees lawful access.

Copyright and camera in action

National film industries are booming – Bollywood in India, Nollywood in Nigeria and Riverwood in Kenya.

Education & Training

Our goal is to enhance creativity and strengthen national creative industries through education and training.

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Legal counselling, expert opinions and feasibility studies provide solutions to your IPR issues.

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Dispute settlement

We provide services in domain name cases, and take part in mediation and arbitration processes. 

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We work on different IPR issues with a variety of partners worldwide. Be it training and mentoring or written materials, we work together with our partners to reach comprehensive and lasting solutions to their IPR issues.Read more

What's new?

NORCODE Regional Onsite Training for Asia held in Hanoi, Vietnam

NORCODE Regional Onsite Training for Africa held in Accra, Ghana

3rd phase of NORCODE Regional Training for Asia finished

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